How Does DataRocket Work?

Our MDM software DataRocket - explained simple on one page!

DataRocket is the master data management solution every company waited for. Get your acces now and get started right away – no courses or time-consuming setup is needed. You just add your data and start modelling, mapping and analysing to get full control of your data to run all your  business processes a way better.

DataRocket explained in 2:28 minutes!

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Key facts about DataRocket


What is DataRocket?
DataRocket is full stack master data management tool, that brings together all your data to analyse, compare, clean and enrich them.

How does DataRocket work?
You always have full control over everything that happens in DataRocket. You upload or connect your data sources, map them to your reference data modell, analyse them via self-defined quality criteria and finally clean and bring them back to the origin data source.

Why do we need DataRocket?
Congruent, high quality data is crucial for your company’s success. With DataRocket you have one of the most powerfull and at the same time easiest to use tool on your hand to accomplish all your data relating tasks.

Who will be working with DataRocket?
In our philosophy, data quality can’t be a one man job. DataRocket is designed to be used by everyone in your company who works with data – therefore we designed our application intuitively, self-explanatory and for multi-user usage.


26_datarocket_module_cockpit1 Cockpit: Monitoring Quality Criteria | Track Data Changes

  • Inspect current statistics on data quality for all sources of data
  • Examine history of operations and changes
  • Undo unwanted data alterations
  • User Management

26_datarocket_module_designer1 Designer: Set-Up Data Configuration

  • Design reference data modell
  • Import/connect data sources
  • Build relationships between data sources
  • Define individual quality criteria

26_datarocket_module_analyser1 Analyzer:  Analyse Data Quality | Build DataPipelines

  • Build you own DataPipelines – step by step
  • Set filter, define quality criteria, define KPIs and build automated cleaning processes
  • Analyze your dataquality, e.g. identify and merge duplicates
  • Build individual web based reports

26_datarocket_module_browser1 Browser:  360° View

  • Get an 360° view of all you data
  • High performance search in all of you data
  • Compare data sets from different data soruces in one view
  • Filter and visualize our data

Our DataPipeline makes master data management more simple than using Excel.



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