Data Governance

The roadmap for your master data management

High-quality data needs perfect organization

Master data management requires discipline and structure. Comprehensive and accurate data governance helps companies in managing organizational processes.

The goal of data governance is to manage data throughout their entire life cycle in a company, in order to ensure high data quality. Data governance defines policies which set standards within the company, as well as which departments are responsible for tasks concerning the improvement of data quality.

Data governance lays the foundation for digital sustainability and strategically brings more company profit as well as lower costs.

Bring together the data stakeholders in your company, such as management, IT and different departments, to develop a common approach in organizing and implementing data quality management.



Our master data management software, DataRocket, offers functions for central data storage, for the measurement of data quality (for example identification of duplicates in multiple data sources) as well as for the management of data stock.

New creation of Data sets

With DataRocket, data is checked for completeness right from the start. On the basis of tailor-made criteria for your company, data records are first checked and authorised afterwards.

Editing of data sets

Despite the consistency of master data changes can always occur. Moving clients or changes of suppliers when product specifications have to be adjusted. First changes are examined in DataRocket and validated through a quality check.

Monitoring of data sets

The DataRocket Dashboard is flexibly configurable with Widgets. Espceially the overview helps monitoring the development of data quality in defined areas. Following widgets allow a quick overview:

  • which structural changes were made by who
  • which changes of data were made by who

With DataRocket you avoid errors already at the implementation stage, ensuring a high quality data life cycle from the very beginning!


Further information about DataRocket and Master Data

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