Digital Transformation

A uniformly high-quality database is the basis for the future competitiveness of your company.

Companies in all industries are working on improved, data-driven processes, novel digital products and future-oriented strategies. In order to assert themselves on the market alongside new players that rely on purely digital business models, established companies are also looking for opportunities to expand their offerings through new technologies and create additional value for their customers. Future-oriented topics such as Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Big Data and Cloud Computing are experiencing great relevance.

The success of a digitalization project stands and falls with the quality of the data. To actually achieve success, it is of particular importance that your data is of high quality. So make use of all data available in your company and use the latest technologies such as our data management software DataRocket.

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Check out our tool to support your company's digital transformation:


DataRocket and the digital transformation

DataRocket is a data management tool that allows you to manage all master data of your organization across multiple systems in one place (single point of truth). All your databases can be connected via pipelines to our central hub – with maximum interface compatibility. This gives you a 360-degree view of your data.

DataRocket is characterized by a special focus on data quality. Thus, our software supports you in detecting your golden records and in ensuring optimal data quality in your systems in the long term.


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In an interview on our blog our client RIEGLER & Co. KG explains how DataRocket supports the company in mastering the digital transformation:

“We were convinced by the complexity of the tool because we were interested in a sustainable increase in data quality. The analysis options, reports, self-assembling pipelines and the high interface compatibility with all our systems is a huge added value for us”.
(Mr. Krebs, Head of eSolutions/IT/Marketing)


This is how you benefit from DataRocket

Single Point of Truth für die Digitale Transformation mit DataRocket


With our easy-to-use tool, you can actively involve data stakeholders from all departments in your company’s data management and offer them a central location for all master data, where they can rely on its consistency and validity.

Daten als Basis für die Digitale Transformation mit DataRocket


Consistency checks and cleansing of duplicates provide you with data of outstanding quality, giving you the best possible basis for future-oriented business decisions.

Fokus auf die Digitale Transformation mit DataRocket


Your processes are automated in a meaningful way so that you can concentrate on the essentials: Advancing the digital vision of your company.


Use DataRocket to master the challenges of Industry 4.0, New Work and Cloud Computing!