Master Data Management

Steer your company with Master Data Management

Control your data - control your business!

Master Data Management (MDM) combines all the organizational and/or technology-based activities for the sustained improvement of the enterprise-wide master data. These take place in cooperation between various business units and the IT department. The improvement of the data ideally occurs, when entering the data.

‘Master data’  are unique and refer to the core business objects in your business. They are stable, aren’t changed frequently, are used in multiple departments and have high value.

Major goal of Master Data Management is to identify Golden Records (verified data sets) and to get 360° view on your data. 



Identification of “Golden Records”.
Creating a 360-degree view of the data

The integration of data from various IT systems ( CRM , accounting, or EXCEL ) allows a consistent view of the data . Incomplete , duplicate and inconsistent data sets are unified and displayed centrally . Find out if Peter Müller and Peter Mueller are the same person.

Illustration of the relationships between data from different sources

Data from various IT systems are interdependent. Through rules ( mapping ) these dependencies are clear. So you can find out, how much revenue your company has made with the “right” Peter Müller.

Control over business processes


Master data are used and processed by different people and different departments. Keep track of the changes in the customer data, associated product or payment functions and manage which individuals are allowed to make data changes. You can configure that e.g. only the account manager of Mr. Müller is allowed to change his master data.



Master Data Management Projects

Screening the Data Landscape

Would you like to improve data quality in your business? Have you had trouble finding a concrete problem/application or measuring the added value of high-quality data?

What can be done:
We work with you to analyze your data landscape, identify quality problems and measure the additional value. This can be achieved with the help of comprehensive master data management.

You will receive a plan of action in the form of a condensed report, with guidance on how to shape your master data management project.

Database Testing

You know what data quality problems are present in your business, but you are not sure how good the data quality is?

What can be done:
We measure the quality criteria of a data source with DataRocket (syntax test [font] + semantic test) in a two- to three-day starter project.

A data profile report on your data landscape (e.g., duplicates, Golden Records, error and plausibility problems, content, minimum and maximum values, descriptive statistics).

Cleansing Projects

You know what the problem is and want to bring your data quality to the next level?

What can be done:
We work with you to create a set of quality criteria and key figures (for measuring additional value) that should be calculated, tailored to your needs. We put this together in the form of a data pipeline in DataRocket, which can be used to carry out workflow-optimizing cleansing.

You will receive top-quality data, continuous reporting and a structured and detailed data quality policy.

Real-Time Quality Control

You want to automatize quality control and make sure early on that nothing can negatively impact the quality of your data – e.g., errors in data entry/dataset changes or during data migration – and to maintain a constant and continuous level of data quality in your master data so that it can be used by different departments and provide a solid foundation for reporting.

What can be done:
DataRocket acts as a central hub and other relevant systems can be connected to it. The predetermined quality policy conducts checks automatically, e.g., even during data entry, it checks the values for accuracy and duplicates.

A comprehensive master data management system. You will have a central data source with verified data (single point of truth) and a 360° view of your data. Most importantly, you will be able to take control of your master data – in short: your business will benefit big time.