Supplier Data Management

The management of incoming data flows from suppliers as part of an efficient onboarding process is paying off.

Global economic relations, industry 4.0 and large amounts of data on the one hand, time and cost savings as well as higher customer demands on data quality on the other hand: the impact of correct product data in e-commerce is high.

Operators of online shops provide a variety of products in their systems. In this way, they can offer their customers a large selection of providers and articles and meet their various needs in the best possible way.

This is made possible by the cooperation with numerous suppliers who work worldwide to provide the availability of their products. However, these diverse collaborations result in the product data being provided in very different data formats, units and specifications. Often it is necessary that the data must be prepared manually before it can be published in the online store. This way best possible description and comparability for the customer is guaranteed.

Effective supplier data management, however, ensures the highest level of satisfaction through up-to-date and quality-tested product information in the online shop. It is another important building block in supplier management, which stands for the relationship and communication between suppliers and retailers.

With many years of expertise in the data management business innoscale offers efficient and lightweight solutions to improve the data landscape within companies. The self-service portal SupplierShuttle was built as a stand-alone supplier portal for e-commerce retailers which integrates seamlessly with established business processes.

Independent supplier portal

No matter which pim system or shop system you are using – with the SupplierShuttle from innoscale AG, you benefit in several ways. With our supplier portal, you can manage the incoming product data flows of suppliers in a structured manner and check & improve the quality of the delivered data.

Your company-wide benefits generated by SupplierShuttle:


Benefits of SupplierShuttle


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