Our stand-alone supplier portal

Benefits of SupplierShuttle


SupplierShuttle integrates seamlessly with established business processes as it is an easily installed add-on to your implemented product information management system.

Benefits of SupplierShuttle


SupplierShuttle enables your suppliers to independently upload new product data and update existing data.

Benefits of SupplierShuttle


SupplierShuttle provides a data quality check while your suppliers update their product data.


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Your benefits

  • Increased efficiency
  • Shorter time to market
  • Improved data quality
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Cost reduction

With SupplierShuttle you attain a structured management process for incoming product data from your suppliers. At the same time you can check and improve the data quality across your whole system and online shop.

Improving your data quality will have an enormous impact on the customer experience in your shop. Your clients look for a high level of user experience (e.g. perfect search results) and of fulfillment (correct shipping terms) – both dependent on maximum data quality.


Data upload

  • Data upload via CSV or Excel
  • Dropdown mapping
  • Definition of mandatory fields
  • Upload history
  • User management for each supplier

Data processing

  • Data quality check
  • Data correction
  • Export of error lists
  • Rule-based text generation
  • Log files and protocols

Data submission

  • Selective, attribute-based update of data sets
  • Definition of quality gates
  • Release of data uploads in a central view for all suppliers
  • Configurable workflows in the review step
  • Interfaces for standard systems


Upload and Update of product data in the supplier portal SupplierShuttle


Update of product data

In six steps SupplierShuttle simplifies the upload, management and improvement of supplier data:



We offer a transparent pricing model tailored to your needs.


Basic charge: Retailers will pay an annual usage fee.

Set-up costs: Free.

Supplier usage fees: Price depends on the number of suppliers.